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Welcome to Truyouth, Website specially design for the youth who follows JESUS Christ. If you have not yet followed JESUS, let this website show you that life is brighter with Eternity on your mind. Explore our music library loaded with All the best inspirational gospel songs to keep you on the road to Heaven. TV Shows, Movies and articles on Healing, life choices, relationships, and Teachings. Take a look at our Radio/TV program called The TruLight Top 10 Hosted by Dilize Light where We count down the Top 10 Gospel songs by votes –

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Looking for more gospel music. Chart of the most popular Christian Gospel albums is updated daily.



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It’s Just Hell!


Come hang out with your host, Baylor Wilson, and enjoy real talks and testimonies that will result in a resounding Hallelujah! We talk about all things Jesus, deliverance from demons, funny newlywed stories, being healed from trauma, and more!