Theology 101    

a 2 Year Theological Diploma study, abbreviated for the House Church training. Each Subject has a plus - 10 Lectures. We will request you to do one lecture per day. one lecture for 6 days and then one day rest (Sabbath Rest) it will shorten the period of the Courses but the study Material remains the same. AFTER each Subject there is a test, You can submit it for marking or just mark yourself for your own gain. the Course is for your own use only to sharpen your knowledge of Theology as House Church Leadership. 20 Subjects - Entire Course should take you 300 days!

Introduction to the Bible

Bible Chronology 1

Blood Covenant

Christian Faith

Faith in Action

Hermeneutics 1

Holy Spirit Gifts

Kingdom of the Supernatural

Tabernacle of Moses

The Life of Christ

Worshiping God In Spirit And In Truth

Bible Chronology 2

Biblical Principals Finance Management

Christology 2

Evangelism 2

Holy Spirit Gifts 2

Homelitics 2

Pneumatology 2

Prayer Life 2

Salvation 2