Tribulation Readiness

The Great Tribulation – Christians do not understand the Great Tribulation, a Period and designation for the Period given by Jesus. the Great Tribulation is the second part of the 7 year peace treaty. and the period described in three ways. 1290 Days / 42 Months / Time, Times and Half Time. Christians are Fearfully Afraid of the Period, They firmly believe that the Antichrist will chase Christians, catch them, imprison them and even kill them for 1290 days. well this is partly true, but the Period that the Antichrist has for this is only 1 year 365 days / 12 Months. the rest of the time 2 and a half Years is dedicated to the Great Tribulation for the people who took the mark of the Beast. John gives the answer for the period and period division for the Great Tribulation. He mentions all three Ways in Revelation 12. 1290 Days / 42 Months / Time, Times and Half Time, The code is the Last Explanation: Time, Times and Half Time = Time is a year, times are two Years and Half Time is 6 months. together it is 42 months or 1290 days. after the description, John gives the decisive answer. He says “the Beast (Antichrist)’s Time is short to chase the Christians and Jews around and do everything that makes the Christians tremble! And false Doctrines believe like the Before the Tribulation rapture. Time is 1 year. If we look what will you understand why satan’s TIME is short!

Here is a list of events during the 3 and a half years called the Great Tribulation.

The Jewish Messiah enters the 3rd Jewish temple and takes over as the headquarters for the 666. 2. He backs up a 60 foot statue in the courtyard of the temple and everyone has to worship it. Christians and Real Jews refuse and the Antichrist announces their persecution. for 365 days Jews and Christians are followed – Jews flee to Jordan and Christians, who at that time were divided into two groups. On Spirit-filled Group and Spirit-filled Group are chased around, On Spirit-filled Christians are captured, tortured, killed. but the Spirit-filled Christen flees with the Help of the Holy Spirit’s Leadership Power in them who received them in the first 3 and a half years of the peace treaty, at the last outpouring of the Holy Spirit (5 Wise and 5 Wise Virgins) 365 days it goes on and then the 5th Trumpet announces the vengeance of God Rev 9 and 16, Spirit-filled Children of God without the Mark of the beast are then sealed with the seal of God on their court and go into Ps 91 protection plan in for the balance of the Great Tribulation 2 and a half years. the 7 plagues are then poured out over the earth over the 2 and a half years, plus the return of Jesus, the rapture thereafter. the 7 Thunders and the Battle of Armageddon in the last half hour of the 2 and a half years !! We see the 3 and a half Years called the Great Tribulation, that the first year the vengeance of the beast (Antichrist) is poured out on Jews and Christians = Time = 365 days. then the second part the vengeance of God for Times and half Time – 2 and a half years. then everything ends with the vengeance of the Lamb – the second coming. rapture and Armageddon in the last half hour !!!


Dear Friends in Jesus – “Anti Vaxxers” also Children of God. Let’s take care of any fears about the future – excuse the English, but due to the urgency I give the message as received from the Lord. Since we live in extraordinary times, I am obligated to write. But extraordinary times demand more than extraordinary measures. In extraordinary times we need extraordinary prayer, prayed in extraordinary faith to an Extraordinary God. It can also call for some other extraordinary steps such as fasting, forgiving and setting free those who have sinned against us. And as led by the Lord I want to encourage you, extraordinary sons and daughters of this Living God to pray extraordinary prayers, call in Jesus Name to bring our Extraordinary God freedom from fear, redemption from evil and healing. Here’s what we need to pray for – That the Lord will deliver us from fear. Fear is the opposite of faith and at this time fear has gripped people and nations. (See 2 Timothy 1: 7). I strongly believe that we are facing a John 10:10 moment where the enemy comes to steal and destroy, so I pray that we will not go on a witch hunt to find a person to blame, but that we will stand united against the common enemy, Satan, who binds him in Jesus name.


Christians all over the World and over time have always thought that we are going to be the Generation that will see the 666 Mark of the Beast. and the Great Tribulation is going to be experienced. well no one thought it was going to come in the form of a badge for proof that you took a vaccine! well we are here now, and to those who read the book, it is clear that we are That Generation! We see the world running after a vaccination for fear of dying and how the New World Order uses the vaccination for a pandemic to carry out their Prophetic / But Dragonistic plans. We need to understand that the first Vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast, but it is linked to a second vaccine that is mandatory if you took the first one, and ensure a third injection and then follow-up injections from there you go for sure benefits received Above Christen Anti Vaxxers (As they named us), later the restrictions are going to have to be controlled and those who have taken the Vaccine are going to have to carry some identification to them to get out of testicles above the Anti Vaxxers (Us). The brand will initially have several start-up phases, such as a Vaccine Printed Passport – But Fraud and Corruption will make it move to a Digital Vaccine Passport = QR Code on smartphone APP – but also due to fraud, theft and corruption it will not be successful not – then the Mark of the Beast in the right hand or in the forehead. As proof of Vaccine and for Access control, at Stores, Workplaces, Shopping Malls, Banks, State Department Offices etc.